Assisting every journey with a kick


With the increasing demand for urban mobility, scooters are becoming the next mode of transport for commuting. Getting you from point A to B with ease.

MicroStand was designed for a live project with Micro Scooter. They wanted to tackle urban mobility through designing a new accessory, in which enhances the experience of their scooters to encourage more adults to take up scooting.

Following the research and insights, I directed the project to tackle the difficulties of commuting with a scooter. Proposing with an objective to design a stand that will resolve the stability of the scooter for users when commuting.

The stand is located sitting above the front wheel of the scooter and it’s devised to easily recline down with a kick through a spring-load mechanism. Designed to be easily installed and discreetly blend with the scooter’s aesthetics, this in-built accessory is made out of aluminium and weighs no more than 15g; adding subtle changes to the scooter.