Power Aid

A lamp developed through an objective of repurposing plastic bottles to prolong its existence by becoming a resource for the poor

2 million plastic bottles are being used in the UK everyday. Only 1 out of 5 of these bottles end up being recycled, with the rest being dumped in third world countries. What if plastic bottles can become a resource to the people in third world countries?

Power Aid is a lamp that requires plastic bottles to become the container for its power source; a bottle of water and two tablespoon of salt. This lamp relies on a renewable energy from galvanic cell, which consists of electrolyte solution made from salty water and two electrodes to generate energy into its rechargeable battery.  

By changing the water solution daily and charging it for 12 hours during the day, it can produce 8 hours of non-stop lighting at night. This educates people that there are alternative sources of power available and helps them realise that they don’t need to depend on commercial electricity.

Enabling them to have a light with simple resources that is much cheaper and environmentally good.